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Visible Results In Just 4-6 Weeks.

Comprehensive Solution for Scar Management

Scar Kit combines silicone sheeting and silicone gel for around-the-clock scar management. Silicone is the gold standard for scars and using these two proven products together maximizes your results.

Whether you want to fade an old scar or prevent a scar from forming, Scar Kit is the easy, at-home solution recommended by doctors and surgeons. Product development and all Scar Kit products have Health Canada seal of approval.

surgeon recommended

Recommended by surgeons and burn units. All Scar Kit products have Health Canada seal of approval.

results in 4-6 weeks

Visible results in just 4-6 weeks. Clinically proven to create a smoother, flatter scar that more closely matches the colour of your skin.

convenient to use

Convenient, at home treatment.

relief of itchiness

Eases scar itchiness and discomfort.


Effective for use on hypertrophic and keloid scars. Silicone gel stimulates the breakdown of scar tissue and prevents excess collagen build up, which inhibits additional fibrous tissue from forming.


Prevents severe scars from forming. To minimize your risk of developing a scar, we recommend starting as soon as your wound is healed, usually after 2 weeks.

Advanced Silicone Technology

Created by a Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Jeannie MacDonald developed Scar Kit to give patients easy access to clinically proven silicone gel products to prevent and reduce scarring.

"Once my incisions [from surgery] closed up, I was able to start using Scar Kit. The color and texture of my scar changed drastically after just a few days of consistent use!"

- Brittney -

Simple To Use

1. Apply the silicone gel-based Scar Gel to your scar

2. Firmly massage the Scar Gel into your scar for several minutes

3. Cover your scar with the silicone Scar Sheet or Scar Cover

For best results, massage firmly and frequently with the Scar Gel. Continue the Scar Kit routine daily for 10-12 weeks or until you are happy with the appearance of your scar. 


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